I was very impressed with John Lincoln at the Trike-a-ton. He was riding his bike for almost the whole 30 minutes without stopping. At the beginning of the race, the teachers said it would be 30 minutes but of course that they could stop whenever they’d want to drink water or eat some apples or oranges that they provided.  Then, they would continue riding their bikes until the 30 minutes were up and they announced it was time to stop. All of the kids stopped and took breaks, but not John Lincoln. Even when I asked him to stop a few times after seeing him make so many circles around, all he said was “No I won’t give up.”_MG_8584 _MG_8587 _MG_8596 IMG_8600IMG_8590 Last year in October, our neighbor Ellen invited us to go at a Trike-a-ton for his son’s preschool at Echo Park here in Woodbrige. John Lincoln really had so much fun especially because he was in 1st place ha ha. He remembers this day very vividly and always talks about it. IMG_2114 IMG_2110 IMG_2115 IMG_2134Ah did I mention that he’s been driving a 16′ bike for a few months now? IMG_8161Anyway, after that, all of the kids received a medal and the students from the 2-day class recieved an album with many of the projects they did throughout the year along with a picture book. John Lincoln really enjoys looking these albums and showing them to us.IMG_8618 IMG_8602 IMG_8607IMG_8623

So, goodbye to Tiny Tots. We are totally ready to move on! This September, he’ll be attending Pre-K at Child World Preschool here in Irvine. 🙂

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